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Music Monday: What The Blood Revealed.

I put on a gig last week for these guys and my word.  They’re better live than what they are on CD and in this day in age I find that extremely rare.  There were people who had heard the music from outside in the streets coming to the gig as they liked what they could hear so much.  You can buy merch here.


This Weeks Record Haul.


It’s been a good week for vinyl buying.  On Thursday I treat my boyfriend to a trip to Leeds to go to the Sleep gig (he had no idea where we were going.  It was EPIC!).  Whilst there I bought the re-release of their Dopesmoker album (it’s one of 1000 by all accounts).  On Saturday we went to Beatdown Records in Newcastle where I bought the rest.  I love the Unkle remix of that Grinderman song so I *had* to buy that, I’ve heard good things about the new High On Fire album and had heard a bit of the Last Step album online and I quite like Venetian Snares so I bought that as well.  I fucking love records.

Music Mondays: Amanda Palmer – Astronaut.

I’m currently catching up with housework after I had a friend stay at Hagwarts for a few days (we partied a lot, my flat is a mess as a result, plus I need to catch up with my laundry and make some meals for the week ahead).  Whilst raking through my music collection I noticed this gem.  It’s been a while.

My Ruin – Legends 27/01/2012.

In true typical fashion the photos from this gig have been on my to do list for months.  A few reasons have made me delay this however, namely the fact that I no longer have access to Photoshop (because I stupidly upgraded to OS X Lion which meant my really old copy of CS3 no longer works and I can’t afford an up to date copy) and secondly confidence.  I felt like an arse after this gig.  I love the band and this was the day after my birthday.  As a result I got fairly munted thanks to all of my pals who more or less poured Jack Daniels down my neck.  In true ladylike form I ended up falling asleep in the taxi home and promptly vomited as soon as I opened my front door.  In essence I felt I could have done better.  A valuable lesson has been taught however and from now on I’m not allowed to take any gig photos whilst “under the influence”.

Sunna – After the Third Pin.

It arrived a week or so ago but I only managed to give it a listen yesterday.  Its pretty good but what I’m finding pretty sweet is that it arrived autographed and my name is listed in the CD sleeve for being one of the nice people who parted with their cash and pre-ordered it ages ago.  If you’d like to buy it for yourself then you can do so here.

I’ll leave you with this blast from the past.

Record Store Day – 2011…

Hotrats Haul by Burn Black
Hotrats Haul, a photo by Burn Black on Flickr.

According to Twitter, today is record store day so since it’s been a while I popped into Hotrats on my way home.  Hotrats to me, is Sunderland’s best (and I think, only) indie record store and is an absolute treasure trove for second hand music and memorabilia.  It’s owned by Marty who used to be in the Toy Dolls (He’s lovely).  What else is lovely is that I ended up with a pretty good haul too, which is always nice.

I Won A Prize…

Ages ago I added @K1664slow on twitter to try and win tickets for the latest UK Motorhead tour, around the same time that the Kronenbourg 1664 advert came out. Needless to say I didn’t win concert tickets (but I did buy some) but I did get this in the post just before Christmas and I’m super super chuffed.

In Memory of a Metal Legend…

I can’t believe it’s been 6 years since some utter wanker shot Dimebag Darrell. My mates and I still drink Black Tooth Grins because of him and the Pantera home videos. No doubt one will be raised today as it’s done every year in memory.