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I wanna rock n roll all night…

It had to be done. I saw it in a magazine, I love KISS, plus I’d recently ran out of all my other perfume. It also cost me less than a fiver on Amazon as well which is a bit of a bargain even if I do say so. I’ve never ever bought perfume on a whim before but I’m glad I did. It’s quite nice and fruity and I’ve received a few complements whilst wearing it. I just like the fact the lids come with a random member of KISS’ make up on it. I got Peter Criss.

Next month I’m going to see Steel Panther and I seriously cannot wait. It’s going to be hilarious I know it is. Plus Motorhead are playing Newcastle City Hall in November as well. Hopefully if fund’s allow I’ll be able to get to that as well. The below photo is from the launch night of my friends pub. I tried to get everyone to paint up as their favourite KISS member. I think there was like 2 Gene Simmons and 6 Paul Stanleys including me hahahaha.


Have a few web site links that I’ve stumbled across lately:

Bauhaus: Ninety Years of Inspiration.

Typedia – “a mix between IMDb and Wikipedia, but just for type”.

Six Font’s That Piss People Off – It even covers the recent Futura to Verdana changes that Ikea have made to their catalogues.

Absolut Gimp – Or Absolut Judas Priest???

The Big Knit 2009 – It’s that time of year again where keen knitters and hookers (crochet fans, not prostitutes) knit little hats for Innocent Smoothie bottles to raise funds for Age Concern.  I’ve set a personal challenge to see how many hats I can knit *only* during theStitch & Bitch meetings between now and including the 1st October.  It’ll be interesting to see considering that’s about 10 hours of knitting.

*  How to repair your old Powerbook?? – The Ice-T way.  Body Count Mutha Fuckers!!!