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The Garden in October.

I noticed, whilst taking the bins out today that despite the time of year there’s still a lot going on in the garden including the residency of one of the biggest spiders I’ve even seen.  Excuse the crap photos but it was windy and was using my phone.


Today I went to York for perfume training.  If anything the experience has gave me a whole new appreciation of the Gorilla Fragrances, not just for the work that goes into sourcing and quality of the ingredients but also the work that goes into developing them.  Next time you happen to be in a Lush store I implore you to spray one of them onto your skin.  The essential oils develop differently on each person so there’s no way of knowing how it’s going to smell on you until you actually give it a try.

When I first started working for Lush I went through a phase of trying a different fragrance each shift just to familiarise myself with them all.  I was really dreading the Lust day as I hated how it smelt in the glass but I went for it regardless.  I spent the rest of that shift pretty much with my wrist clamped to my nose and ended up buying a 30ml bottle of it that very same day.

I love how certain smells can take you on a journey and trigger certain memories.  With Lust I feel like I’m transported back to being a teenage clubber who wore high heels, too much make up and not enough clothes.  Every Friday night I used to go to the same minging/sleazy night club which used to host an Indie night and sold cheap bottles of alchopops.  The club itself had really dirty floors which your feet would stick too and there was always cigarette smoke and loads of dry ice in the air.  Whenever I wear Lust I’m transported back to that same dingy little night club and I remember all of the states I used to get myself into (well I try to *imagine* all of the states I used to get myself into ;P), all the fun I used to have and even outfits I wore.  This is why I now love Lust (check out the Inventor’s Story if you can).

If you have any fragrance related stories then I’d love to hear them.  Until then I’ll leave you with this blast from the past which was always played every Friday night. 😉

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_rz_zimMpQ%5D


I came home from work just now and as usual my first port of call is to feed my pet cats. Today on doing so however I discovered that they had ate their biscuits in such a way that they’d left a heart. If it was deliberate or not who knows but I’d like to think it was. 🙂

Introducing Lucius…

About a month ago I bought a pet snake.  I’ve had various reptiles in the past and to be honest I never thought I would ever get another one but it was pretty hard to resist this cutie.  He’s a Blizzard Corn Snake and due to his colouring and the fact that I’m a huge Harry Potter fan, is called Lucius.  He was nearly called Charlie or Pablo (he looks like a long, selfish line to me).  He’s 6 months old and his favourite food are currently pinkies.  He came from Coast 2 Coast Exotics in Darlington.

I Won A Prize…

Ages ago I added @K1664slow on twitter to try and win tickets for the latest UK Motorhead tour, around the same time that the Kronenbourg 1664 advert came out. Needless to say I didn’t win concert tickets (but I did buy some) but I did get this in the post just before Christmas and I’m super super chuffed.

The Grim & Frostbitten Wastelands of Sunderland…

Winter makes me depressed. It’s cold, dark and makes me want to sleep even more so than normal (with the exception of last year when I was suffering from insomnia). I like how this time of year looks but that’s where the positivity ends I’m afraid. I can’t wait until Spring.

My Aquarium…

I’ve kept tropical fish for a number of years now. One of my favourite things to do is watch them whilst I have my first cuppa in the morning. I realised however that I’ve never posted about my pet fish until now and even then it’s because I’m upset because one of, if not, my favourite fish passed away over the weekend and I’m going to miss him swimming around the bottom of the tank. Incidentally he was also called Tank, purely because his scales looked like he was wearing armour and he was built like one. I hope he’s happy in the big toilet bowl in the sky.

I originally received the tank via Freecycle just over 4 years ago from a nice old lady in South Shields. It came with some fish already in it. She couldn’t look after the fish any more as she found the water changes too taxing (she had a bad back and buckets of water are heavy). I remember her mentioning that she was a Buddhist and that she liked having running water around. She hoped the aquarium would bring me some tranquillity and wished me luck in my new role as a fish keeper.

This was Tank (R.I.P.)

A few of the Tetra’s that live with me. The oldest fish in the aquarium is a Black Neon Tetra who because of his age and colour I named Yoda. He must be at least 5 years old and came with the aquarium.

This is Busta (named after Busta Rhymes). I was going through a rap phase at the time. I also had two fish named Missy (Elliot) and Lil Kim but they died shortly after I got them.

Halloween 2010…

Once again both Halloween and Dia de los Muertos has passed us by. I spent my weekend of the dead in corpse paint, laying dying spirits to rest, spending time carving pumpkins, eating junk and watching stereotypical films such as “Nightmare Before Christmas” and the original “House on The Haunted Hill”. I was also intending on making some sugar skulls but unfortunately time and weather dictated otherwise (the skulls don’t set in humid conditions). Other photos can be found here.