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Blue Nails…

Whilst in Superdrugs the other day and saw this blue glittery nail varnish on the Barry M stand. Since they had a special offer on (2 bottles for a fiver) I ended up with the new crackle stuff too which quite frankly is ace as this link shows (although I would recommend using a light colour as the base). Overall I’m pretty pleased with this. It’s a lovely vivid kingfisher blue colour but it does need 3 coats to get to that. It lasts pretty well too. It survived 3 days on my nails before I finally suffered a chip which for me is a record (normally my nail varnish will last a day if I’m lucky).

It’s the end of Summer…

For this year. Despite how Autumn and Winter look, what with the red leaves and snow I still dislike this time of the year. I really don’t like being cold. Below are a few photos taken during the Summer.

The laundrettes near where I live. The Toy Dolls wrote a song about it. When I was at Uni a load of French students rented the flat above it. There were some mad parties there. Lot’s of Daft Punk was played there if I recall. I’ve always loved the old Vaux adverts painted on the side.

This was taken at some stupid time in the morning due to me thinking it would be a great idea to go to the beach after clubbing so by my estimate it’ll have been around 5:30am. I remember getting some funny looks from joggers and people walking their dogs before they went to work. In fairness I was probably still drunk and am 99% sure I would have been splodging. Saves you from getting a hangover however as I discovered.

On route to a friends house.

A daft photo of me on a kids ride at the beach. Have I ever mentioned how much I love living beside the sea? Well I do.


Today I went to Triplesix to get more lasering done. I used to have a 3/4 Japanese sleeve which I’ve slowly been removing over the last 2 years or so. It shouldn’t have taken so long really but I hate lasering and find it really painful so I’ve been avoiding sessions like the plague. Emla cream helps a lot however. My arm currently looks horrible, all raised and angry looking. Hopefully when today’s session calms itself down I’ll not need that much more doing *phew*.

Here’s some photo’s of the lasering that I’ve had so far. The last photo was taken today.

A week of debauchery…

At the beginning of May I went on a week long adventure which saw me in Leeds, London, Glasgow and of course my hometown of Sunderland.

The trip to Leeds was purely for Deathfest which was a rather enjoyable day out.  Discovered a band there called Volition who I rather dig and also got to see Negura Bunget” post Sol and Hupogrammos”.  Negura Bunget are still excellent, still atmospheric but there is a certain magic lacking since their departure.  The new Negura Bunget album came out the other month and I’m patiently waiting for this limited edition box set to arrive from Transylvania.  I’m a sucker for fancy packaging.

I went to London for a few days to essentially catch up with some friends and to finally see Hole, who I’ve been a huge fan of since I was about 15 years old.  Lots of good food (I love Bodeans), lots of singing and lots of shiny new hair courtesy of Angel Emma (I got some camouflage coloured extensions put in amongst my normal hair). As you can see from the photo’s I’m not a veggie any more either.  I may explain why in a later post.

L to R: Me having a snout on Emma’s patio, The warning sign in the Crobar and Gumbo inBodean’s, Soho.

L to R:  Pulled & Burnt End Pork at Bodeans (Needless to say I couldn’t move afterwards and I didn’t finish it all – boooooo), Ms Courtney Love @ Brixton Academy and my first ever Krispy Kreme doughnut.

Later on in the same week I went up to Glasgow to see KISS with a friend and was blown away.  Best gig of my life hahahahahha.  Paul Stanley is the man.  Check out the goofy video too (I never said I could sing either).

Awesome times.

BFF Tats…

For a while my best friend and I have been meaning to get BFF tats and on Saturday we finally did it.

The quote is from the film “Singles”. We were originally going to get it done in same typeface from the film but thought it would be nicer to just write it on each other. Pretty weird seeing your handwriting permanently on your best friends arm.  Muchos thanks to Demon at Triplesix for putting up with us both and our insanity.

Wardrobe Wednesday…

I’ve been meaning to take photos of the contents of my handbag for some time now after being inspired by certain Flickr pools such as “What’s in your bag?” and “What’s REALLY in your bag?”. I finally got round to taking such photo’s last night. I may do my DJ bag in a future post.

My normal “day to day” bag.

My make up bag.
If you click on the links you’ll be taken to the individual Flickr pages which has notes over each individual item if you are that nosy you need to know what every single item is.

Happy New Year…

Happy New Year.

by Lolly Rockhag Mallan on Saturday, 2 January 2010 at 16:14 ·

I’m not a great fan of New Years to be honest. I don’t get the whole “but it’s a chance to wipe the slate clean and start again” mentality. As far as I’m concerned you get that very same chance every day when you wake up.

NYE was spent DJing and it seemed to go pretty well. Lots of people having fun, lots of smiles and dancing which was nice. Woke up yesterday, surprisingly hangover free, however everyone else seemed to be worse for the wear so I spent the first day of 2010 bored and on my own. By 6pm I was going stir crazy so decided to go for a walk with my camera as I’d been meaning to try and take some photos of the Christmas lights before they were taken down. Pretty much a lonely start to 2010 if I’m honest but I didn’t expect anything else.

I didn’t take as many photo’s as I would have liked because I always get nervous wandering Sunderland on my own with my camera in the dark. I’m a big wuss.

Remember, Remember the 5th of November…

I love this time of the year, despite the cold weather.  This week I’ve practically lived on Pumpkin, Chili and Lentil soup which was made from the innards of my Halloween pumpkin (I would post the recipe but I made it up as I went along I’m afraid) and on Thursday myself and a few friends went to the local fireworks display where I took the following photo’s.

A few friends and I with sparklers.

A Sky Flower.

The rest of the photos are, as per, on my flickr page.

The Big Knit 2009…

I didn’t get as many hats as I wanted to do for The Big Knit but I did some (well 5) and that’s all that matters in the end. Since I’ve started knitting with some form of regularity I’ve noticed that compared to most I’m a really slow knitter. I’m wondering if speed is something that comes with experience or is this it. I used double pointed needles for the first time whilst knitting one of the hats as an experiment and although fiddly to do, makes the finished object look a lot more “professional” in my opinion. The pink hat shown below was my favourite.

My cat Lemmy.

Whilst on the same subject I stumbled across this video by a French band called Trichot Machine (which is knitting machine in French I do believe) on YouTube. It’s made entirely from knitted frames (I can make out around 718 at the end). I bet it took an absolute age to make.