Meat Free Monday #6.

My kitchen for once is rammed full of food and until a huge dent has been made with what is already in I’m pretty much refusing to go grocery shopping. This means that until then a little bit of invention is in order and in fairness I think so far we’ve done a pretty good job.

This week’s MFM is pretty much Indian based. We had a look on YouTube and ended up with Bombay Potato (purely because I managed to grab a huge bag of potatoes for 5p earlier in the week) and an Egg Curry with some boiled rice. The Bombay Potato went down a storm and I definitely think I’ll make it again, the Egg Curry however I’m not too sure. The other half complained it was too gritty as a result of the amount of spices we put in, we also added more chili than what the recipe asked for which made it far too hot (and we both love chili). On top of this we also missed the tamarind out due to not having any (we just used extra water instead). If it gets made again I think it could be better if we use tamarind, failing that a tin of coconut milk or chopped tomatoes would have improved it also. Nevertheless we still ate it and have frozen the leftovers for later (more likely for when one of us is dying of cold). There was easily enough for at least 4 people.


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