Meat Free Mondays #4.

There hasn’t been one of these blog entries in a while and the simple explanation is purely because I’m no longer vegetarian. Yes I do feel guilty for not sticking with it (I really did try) and lecturing won’t make me feel any better either (I despise militant veggie lecturers / PETA morons – I always have done). I will probably go back to vegetarianism at some point as it seems to be the dietary trend that I’ve subconsciously followed since I was 12 or 13 (where I’ll be veggie for anything between 4-6 years then I’ll start eating meat again for a year or so and then switch back for another 4-6 years). It still works out that I’ve been veggie for over a third of my life (I’m 31) and that still, in my opinion has to count for something.

Anyway moving on. My boyfriend and I made this relatively simple and delicious pasta dish recently. Super easy, super tasty and relatively cheap as chips to make. I was tempted to say that this would be a nice summer dish but our British summer seems to have ended, as usual, prematurely (booooo).

Fusilli Mediterranean Style

Ingredients for 4 persons:

  • 320 grams of fusilli pasta.
  • 200 grams of buffalo mozzarella (we just used normal mozzarella).
  • 30 pachino tomatoes (we substituted these with cherry tomatoes).
  • 2 cloves of garlic.
  • 4 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil.
  • A handful of minced fresh parsley.
  • A handful of capers.
  • Some red pepper (we think the chef used crushed chilli flakes in the video so this is what we used).
  • The juice of 2 lemons.
  • A pinch of salt.

Hope you enjoy.


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