The older I’m getting the more I’ve slowly been reducing the amount of cigarettes I smoke.  Whilst at uni it wasn’t uncommon for me to go through 20 a day, more if I went out drinking in the evening (no smoking ban then however).  Back in 2007-2008 I successfully quit smoking for 9-10 months until the stresses of coming out of an 8-9 year relationship and finishing my degree became too much and I stupidly picked up the evil weed again.  I’ve smoked ever since, despite a few attempts here and there to quit that haven’t lasted more than a few weeks.

As of late anything up to 10 a day was considered the norm, 20 if I went out, maybe less.  Nowadays I can easily not smoke on a day to day basis and the only time temptation ever rears it’s head is when alcohol is involved.  These days I’m finding this excuse pitiful however and what with me also cutting down on the amount of alcohol I consume (I’m 33 and hangovers are just not funny anymore, not when they can last up to 3 days) figured it’s high time to end my relationship with the fags.  I’ve tried patches, gum, etc. in the past but this time I’m finding the good old “Cold Turkey” method is working just fine.  I say this but I will be taking some gum out with me next time I go out socialising.  I have no idea why I can’t let go of this booze + snouts = HEAVEN equation, maybe I just think “everything to excess” when it comes to alcohol.  I can’t go straight edge, nor do I want to so any suggestions would be welcomed.  I’ll have been “smoke free” for 3 weeks come Friday.  In honesty it’s been a piece of piss but then again I’ve only had two G&T’s and a glass of wine in all of that time.

p.s. The Stoptober app is rubbish.  I’ve signed up to it twice now and still haven’t received an email.  The app keeps crashing whenever I open it on my phone too.I can’t believe someone will have been paid a fortune for that.


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