Recent Noms…

I stumbled upon Smitten Kitchen last week and the next day made this for dinner.  It seems that a lot of the ingredients used are relatively easy to come by and also cheap to make and I’m that impressed I’m considering buying the cookbook.  It’ll be getting made again at some point soon.

I also tried to make sourdough bread with the culture I started a few weeks ago and it flopped.  I ended up using the flat dough for chapatis.  All in all, not an experiment I’ll be repeating.  Never mind.

Last week I also stumbled upon this by the Hairy Bikers on the TV and quite intrigued I made it.  I wish I’d halved the ingredients as the recipe made much more than for just 4 people.  It was ok but I doubt I’ll make it again.  I have the remnants in my freezer for next time I fancy something sweet.

I’ve also realised that I have more or less a freezer full of food so I’m on a food shopping ban until it’s a lot more controllable.  I think it’s going to be pretty amusing to see what I can come up with at mealtimes in the meantime.


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