Productivity Vs Procrastination…

We all do it, some more so than others.  My Achilles heel seems to be housework.  I find it boring but unfortunately it needs to be done and what with living on my own it’s up to me to make sure that my crib doesn’t resemble something from “How Clean Is Your House” (Kim and Aggie deserve medals).  On the other hand after being on my feet at work all day the very last thing I want to do when I do get home is to spend even more time on my feet cleaning, likewise on my days off.  I want to spend them having fun.  If this sounds familiar then I’m about to blow your minds with (what I feel) is one of the best apps out there for iPhones.

Introducing UfYH (Un-Fuck Your Habitat, or Un-Filth Your Habitat if swearing offends you/you are iTunes).  The lady responsible for said app has a blog which, quite frankly is a fountain of knowledge and a source of inspiration for the lazy, those who hoard and the sheer overwhelmed.  People are encouraged to post “before” and “after” photos along with accounts of their progress, ask questions and every now and again the app price will be reduced for those still sitting on the fence about buying it.

From personal experience I just love it for the 20/10 timer.  The theory is for every 20 minutes of work you do, once completed you get a 10 minute break.  It cuts down any task into easily managed chunks (not just housework) so really it’s up to you as to what you do.  Be it one 20/10 or two or maybe even a whole days worth.  I’ve seriously lost count of the about of times I really couldn’t be arsed with doing something and thought “oh I’ll just do one 20/10” and before I’ve realised, I’ve done quite a few.  It’s magic I tell ya and tonight was a prime example.

The usual scenario was thus.  Came home from work, really couldn’t be bothered but realised that the mountain of clean laundry was *still* sitting on my bedroom floor days/weeks after I’d washed and dried it (seriously I hate doing laundry) so figured I’d do at least one 20/10 to reduce it a bit.  In two sessions not only had I tackled it but I’d also loaded the dishwasher (best invention ever) and washing machine, hung the load of washing out to dry, dried and put the dishwasher contents away, cleaned the cat’s litter trays out, cleaned inside my microwave and wiped my kitchen benches down.  Pretty productive considering my lack of motivation.  If I do one 20/10 a day it pretty much tackles my flat and then some.  Easy peasy.  Give it a try and let me know how you get on.  Sorry this isn’t the most exciting of entries but like I say, the app has helped me loads and I really hope by reading this entry it inspires others.


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