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Operation Frugality: Week 4.

Monday 20th January:  I met a friend for a few drinks and a catch up.  I spent £24.70 in total but that was including a packet of smokes and some food and since I hardly ever get to see said friend it was worth every penny. I also donated a quid for charity.  Total = £25.70.

Tuesday 21st January: Nothing

Wednesday 22nd January:  I went to Sainsbury’s to get some groceries (£22.09) and also ordered some pet food online.  Lemmy is on a diet and it works out a lot cheaper to buy his food via the internet than via the vets and a huge 4kg sack will last him around 10 weeks.  They also sell a high protein food for Hilda too which I normally buy from the pet shop but laziness prevailed so in total I spent £47.86 on cat food. I also bought a song on iTunes for 99p.  Total = £70.94.

Thursday 23rd January:  Nothing.

Friday 24th January: I needed to go to South Shields on an errand so a return bus ticket cost £3.60, In true Northern style I also bought some lunch from Greggs (£2.85) and some snouts (£7.70).  Later that day my parents took me out for a meal for my birthday where I bought a round of drinks in (£13.50).  I also bought two songs on iTunes too (£1.78).  Total = £29.43.

Saturday 25th January: V and I went to Newcastle and en route we went to the garage to get some energy drink (£3.70).  When we got to Newcastle I paid for the parking (£2.50).  Considering I had birthday money burning a hole in my pocket I decided to treat myself.  I bought a red lip liner (£10) from M.A.C. and got a free lipstick thanks to their Back To M.A.C. scheme.  We then went to one of my favourite foodie shops Mmm… where I refilled a bottle of Olive Oil, bought some eggs, a really nice bottle of wine (V offered to cook a meal for us so I bought a bottle for us to drink) and also a bottle of Fentimans Rose Lemonade which tastes AWESOME with gin (£25.50)  I also bought some parmesan cheese (£2.10), some veg (£2.20) and a new toy for the cats (£3.99).  Total = £49.99.

Sunday 26th January: Today is my birthday and even though I had shown great restraint with the Illamasqua sale, they then sent me a 15% off code “for my birthday” and so I went and spent £34.  To be fair I am desperate for a good foundation and a nude lip liner.  I obviously and finally bought that bottle of Freak too.  Total = £34.

In summary you can tell two things from this week.  Firstly you can tell I got paid and secondly that I was feeling rather sociable.  I spent a total of £210.06 this week and from this I can see is that it’s about a 50:50 split from frivolity and necessity.  It was my birthday so getting a few treats is to be expected, as is a few social gatherings but V and I did have a meal at home instead of going out so we did save money there hence why I feel justified in spending money on good ingredients, especially when I know I’ll get more than one meal from them.  I’m running low on a few make up items too, mainly pencils and a foundation which I’ve now bought and I’m glad I now have a matt red lippy.

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  1. pinkbirdcage
    February 6, 2014 at 7:24 pm (2 years ago)

    I love this idea. I tried to keep a spreadsheet of all my outgoings a few years ago but it all got a bit needlessly complicated. Your blog posts are inspiring me to think a bit more about how much I spend again though. :)

    • Lolly
      February 6, 2014 at 7:32 pm (2 years ago)

      Aww thank you honey. Doing this has definitley brought to light how much money I do spend when before I used to regard myself as being quite sensible. Here’s hoping this will improve as the year goes on. :)


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