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Operation Frugality: Week 5.

Monday 27th January:  I stayed at V’s the night before and so needed to buy lunch whilst at work today which was £2.99 (soup and a sarnie from Fatso’s actually).  I also bought myself a coffee from Starbucks before my shift too which was £3.60.  Total spends = £6.59.

Tuesday 28th January: Today I made lunch so at least I saved money there.  I however needed some new hairspray and setting lotion and since my hairspray was on special offer in Superdrugs I bulk bought (£13.43).  I also bought a sample votive Yankee Candle for £1.90 and a pack of ten fags for £3.82.  Total = £19.15.

Wednesday 29th January: I met a friend for tea and was treated to cocktails and scran in Revolution which was very nice of her.  I  bought us a few drinks which cost £14 and a pack of fags which we demolished between us (£7.70).  I really enjoyed myself tonight and I had a good catch up with a good friend.  Total = £21.70.

Thursday 30th January:  I went on my regular errand to South Shields so spent £3.60 on bus fare.  Also bought some fags (£7.70) and an energy drink (£1.50).  Total = £12.80

Friday 31st January:  I spent £11 at the PostOffice on postage and I had to meet some people in Starbucks so 2 drinks and a sandwich for V later I’d spent £8.99.  I also needed a new pair of tights (£6) and some underwear from Primani (£5).  That evening I went out for belated birthday drinks and spent a small fortune on fags (£8.38) and cocktails (I’m rather fond of The Aviation) (£48).  Taxi home cost a tenner too. I also got charged £1.99 for getting money out of one of those cash points that charge too.  Booo.  I really needed to let my hair down on this evening so I really don’t care as to how much I spent.  Total = £99.36

Saturday 1st February: I was a bit hungover from the previous evenings entertainment so gave V some money for fizzy drinks and some Lucozade.  Apparently my local corner shop thinks that bottles of pop are rarer than unicorn tears as I had no change from the tenner I gave him and I got no Lucozade.  :(  Total = £10

Sunday 2nd February: I bought 3 new gel nail varnishes on eBay.  Total:  £13.78.

I spent a total of £183.38 this week.  I did overspend and I know I did.  I also chain smoked like Pats in AbFab by the looks of it too.  Of that £183.38 I can tell that I needed to spend around only half of that.  A bad week in terms of expenditure but I did get to catch up with a lot of friends which was ace and well needed as I still have a lot on my plate (hence the chain smoking).

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  1. pinkbirdcage
    February 25, 2014 at 8:26 pm (2 years ago)

    That Aviation cocktail sounds amazing! Also I love that you also call it Primarni. :D

  2. pinkbirdcage
    February 25, 2014 at 8:26 pm (2 years ago)

    I mean call Primark Primarni – I can’t do clearly expressing myself today!


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