My Ruin – Legends 27/01/2012.

In true typical fashion the photos from this gig have been on my to do list for months.  A few reasons have made me delay this however, namely the fact that I no longer have access to Photoshop (because I stupidly upgraded to OS X Lion which meant my really old copy of CS3 no longer works and I can’t afford an up to date copy) and secondly confidence.  I felt like an arse after this gig.  I love the band and this was the day after my birthday.  As a result I got fairly munted thanks to all of my pals who more or less poured Jack Daniels down my neck.  In true ladylike form I ended up falling asleep in the taxi home and promptly vomited as soon as I opened my front door.  In essence I felt I could have done better.  A valuable lesson has been taught however and from now on I’m not allowed to take any gig photos whilst “under the influence”.


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