Foodie Pen Pals: May 2012.

Back in April I was shown a site for Foodie Pen Pals by one of my friends who knows how much I enjoy cooking and baking.  Thinking it would be a lot of fun I signed up.  I was told who I had to send a parcel for, I stalked her blog/twitter for inspiration, bought some treats and sent them off along with some home made goodies.  I then sat back and waited for my parcel to arrive, only 2 weeks later and nothing.  I’ve tried emailing my sender in case she’s ill or if it’s gone missing in the post and yet again, nothing.

I would have loved to post a blog entry with loads of photo’s of awesome goodies like what my recipient did but I doubt I’ll get the chance as my gut feeling is telling me to give up as it’s just not going to happen.  The whole experience has left me feeling pretty upset and bitter truth be told.  I work part time for minimum wage and my parcel, along with p&p cost over £18.  It’s not Carol Anne’s fault as she’s been trying to chase this up as well and it’s certainly not Emma’s either.  The last remaining glimmer of hope is thinking positively that something good happens in the next few days otherwise I doubt I’ll be willing to contribute towards future months.  I just can’t afford to do so, both mentally and financially.



  1. It is such a shame that this is your first experience of Foodie Penpals. It is possible that your penpal is ill, as you say, or has some other circumstance that is keeping her offline and out of contact. We will have to wait and see. The nature of the programme is that there will be sometimes situations that mean a non-delivery, though we all try to work to minimise this possibility.

    On the up side, Emma absolutely loved your parcel, it looked full of brilliant and thoughtful things! I can see why it was so expensive though, two bags of flour plus some glass jars will really have weighed it down. You were so generous in your giving. There are ways to keep the parcel and postage costs down, but sadly there is no way to guarantee that you will receive a parcel.

    I will completely understand if you choose not to participate in further months, for whichever reason, but I’ll always feel sad this your only experience was a bad one.

    • I knew there was ways of reducing the overall weight/cost of postage but I felt this would have compromised the contents of the parcel so I just went with it. I’m glad Emma liked her parcel. 🙂

  2. Omg I’ve just signed up to this and after looking through twitter I found your blog – please email me as I’d like to send you a parcel proving there are good people in this world!!

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