Dead Soles…

I finally admitted defeat this week. My favourite pair of boots have finally passed away. They held out until the bitter end however. I’ve been walking around in them for the last year with holes in the leather and with loose parts of the sole. There was also an incessant creaking/squeaking noise that came from them whenever I walked too.

I originally bought these for about £50 from my best friend about 6-7 years ago and she’d had them for about 2-3 years previous to that. She never wore them so they were in pretty amazing condition when they were bestowed onto me. In the time I’ve had them I can honestly say that they’ve pretty much never been off my feet. I’ve worn them to uni, to work, to countless gigs, nights out, to bike rallies and music festivals. They must have travelled over a million miles all over the world with me and I’m going to miss them loads, especially since Swear don’t do their stompy boot range anymore (which is a damn shame if you ask me). I have found a replacement pair on eBay but they’re just. not. the. same. May their soles rest in peace.


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