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Plans for 2014…

In my last entry I mentioned that I’d made plans for this year so I figured I would post them on here, if anything to act as a reminder.  In 2014 I would really like to try and do the following:
  • As Le Tigre would say “GET OFF THE INTERNET – I’m not planning on doing a Neil Gaiman  but I do spend a lot of time on social media.  V thinks that he does too.  We’ve since tried to improve this by having phones/laptops/iPads put away on our evenings together with great success.  I also feel like a crap friend at times.  The time I spend online catching up with people I could be doing in person, the fact my best friend lives about a 10 minute walk away from me, yet I see her rarely is testament to this.  I’m therefore going to try and limit my time online to just one day a week.  I was/am quite addicted to a few games on Facebook.  I’ve deleted them all bar one, however I feel playing it just once a week will become frustrating and I’ll probably give that up too in future.  Hopefully this will mean I’ll have more time to read more books/crochet/knit etc. as well as blog more, which is another factor I’d like to improve upon.
  • Operation Frugality – Although compared to others I am already a frugal person, I still find I waste money on absolute shit, this was confirmed during the great uncluttering of 2013.  Therefore rules are simple and the plastic has been destroyed/hidden.  I’m only allowed to buy things if I absolutely need them and even then if I can save money by being more savvy with my hard earned cash then to obviously do so.  I’m thinking of doing a weekly breakdown blog post of what I’ve spent that week to keep my motivation levels high with regards to this.  I personally think it’ll be interesting so we’ll see how it goes.
  • Continue the great uncluttering/life laundry that I started in 2013 –  Already I have a huge box of gear to give to charity and one huge box to list on eBay as and when inclination allows.  I hate listing things on eBay so so much.  Needs must however.  Alongside this as mentioned before, I’m going to try and do at least one 20:10 of my home each day in attempts to ward off my flat becoming messy and disorganised but no more than 3.
  • Diet and Fitness – I’m signing up to do a 5km run in the summer, something I’ve never done before but at least it will get me running (I have the couch to 5km app downloaded and ready).  I’ve had a review at the gym this week and am hoping I can go back to kickboxing at some point in the near future.  All in all I’m feeling quite positive with regards to my fitness this year.  I also have the Insanity Workout (yes it is as horrible as what everyone makes out but it does get results) to attempt when I can’t do any of the above.  I’m going to try and aim to do at least some form of exercise at least 5 days a week.  Something is better than nothing.  On top of this I will of course be trying to eat as healthy as possible as well.  No more buying lunch at work (Operation Frugality denies it anyway) so no excuses.
  • Get up to speed with my skills as a designer – I’ve done nothing with regards to my degree since I left uni and is something I constantly feel bad about.  I have opportunities at my feet that I feel I cannot take advantage of due to this and the lack of confidence that goes with it.  Therefore this year I’m going to try and master at least the aspects of print based design that I feel I need to work on so any resources for this would be appreciated.  Same goes for photography too.  I used to do a lot of it and then I stopped which is a shame as I did enjoy it.
  • Vanity – I need to seriously up my dental hygiene and get my other sleeve started.  I need to floss, my dentist has said so on many occasssions but I hate it.  I try hard for a week or so and then give up.  Now I’m a non smoker there isn’t any excuses.  To be honest I haven’t even seen my dentist in about 2 years because I just know I’ll get another bollocking from her.  Booking an appointment with her is on the “to do” list.  Getting my other sleeve started is probably going to be the only indulgence of this year as and when Operation Frugality will allow.  It needs doing.  It’s been lasered as much as I can handle now so I need to look into my options when I have enough money saved up for my first appointment.  Cheaper goals include mastering the art of good eyebrows and contouring.  Ru Paul’s Drag Race can only educate so much.

I am aware that this list does seem like a lot but at the end of the day they’re just goals that I would like to at least try and do during the year.  A year is a long period of time and if I don’t get to do them all then there’s always next year isn’t there. *wink*.

Sub Dermal Ink Injections…

Anyone who knows me in real life will have noticed the huge tattoo that covers all of my right arm. It’s been a work in progress by Bez at Triplesix Studios for over 3 years and back in January it was finally completed. It’s took just over 100 hours in total and a lot of name calling on my part but it’s ace and I love it. It was entered in the Female Sleeve category at the recent Peterlee Convention and it won which was rather nice. I now just have to get all of the lasering done on my other arm so that we can get cracking on that one now.


BFF Tats…

For a while my best friend and I have been meaning to get BFF tats and on Saturday we finally did it.

The quote is from the film “Singles”. We were originally going to get it done in same typeface from the film but thought it would be nicer to just write it on each other. Pretty weird seeing your handwriting permanently on your best friends arm.  Muchos thanks to Demon at Triplesix for putting up with us both and our insanity.

Hax0rs Sux…

But in fairness they’ve gave me the well overdue kick up the backside I’ve needed to update wordpress and install a few plugins that I’ve been meaning to do for a while for this blog.  I woke up this morning, only slightly hungover caused by a gig I went to last night which was a lot of fun, fed the cats, and went back to bed with my laptop to find this post by my friend Brenda and thought “shit” so I’ve spent an hour or so doing a bit of “behind the scenes” magic to avoid such issues, especially since I’m trying to make more of an effort with this blog.

The new tattoo is healing well but why is it that whenever you get new ink and you see someone you know they instinctively grab/touch it straight away?  You can’t really get angry at them because it’s not their fault they didn’t know it was new so you just have to grin and bear it.  I decided I would write a little on how I care for new tattoos on here as well.  I do realise that there’s a lot of information on this subject on the internet but this is how I’ve more or less always done it and so far so good.
  • For the first 2-3 days I’ll wash my tattoo around 2 times a day (normally first thing in the morning and just before bed) with lukewarm water and fragrance free / anti-bacterial soap and pat dry with a towel. After this I just start treating it like the rest of my body and just wash it when I’m in the bath/shower.
  • After cleaning I then apply a small amount of Bepanthen (It’s nappy rash cream but is the best stuff I’ve ever used).  I find putting the tube in hot water for a minute or two beforehand makes it runny and means you don’t need to use a lot.  I’ll also re-apply as and when during the day.  I’ll use Bepanthen for about 5-7 days until the tattoo has shed its skin.
  • For the first 2 nights after cleaning and applying Bepenthen I may wrap the new tattoo in cling film.  I don’t really like doing this but I hate the feeling of bedsheets sticking to me.  It also saves your bedsheets from being covered in gunk which is a plus.
  • For a few days before my tattoo appointment and until it’s healed I’ll start taking Zinc supplements along with my normal daily multi-vitamin.
  • For a few days beforehand I’ll also try to not drink alcohol too, or at least not overindulge (it thins the blood and hangovers suck anyway without adding being repeatedly stabbed with a needle on top of that).  Afterwards is another matter. Heh heh.
  • Whilst healing it’ll get itchy.  I’ve found slapping it relieves it.
  • Once fully healed I always use sunblock if it’s sunny too.  The sun fades tattoos like a mo-fo.  Plus tattoos hurt enough without adding skin cancer/sunburn into the mix as well.

And that is basically it.