It’s the end of Summer…

For this year. Despite how Autumn and Winter look, what with the red leaves and snow I still dislike this time of the year. I really don’t like being cold. Below are a few photos taken during the Summer.

The laundrettes near where I live. The Toy Dolls wrote a song about it. When I was at Uni a load of French students rented the flat above it. There were some mad parties there. Lot’s of Daft Punk was played there if I recall. I’ve always loved the old Vaux adverts painted on the side.

This was taken at some stupid time in the morning due to me thinking it would be a great idea to go to the beach after clubbing so by my estimate it’ll have been around 5:30am. I remember getting some funny looks from joggers and people walking their dogs before they went to work. In fairness I was probably still drunk and am 99% sure I would have been splodging. Saves you from getting a hangover however as I discovered.

On route to a friends house.

A daft photo of me on a kids ride at the beach. Have I ever mentioned how much I love living beside the sea? Well I do.


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