Happy New Year…

Happy New Year.

by Lolly Rockhag Mallan on Saturday, 2 January 2010 at 16:14 ·

I’m not a great fan of New Years to be honest. I don’t get the whole “but it’s a chance to wipe the slate clean and start again” mentality. As far as I’m concerned you get that very same chance every day when you wake up.

NYE was spent DJing and it seemed to go pretty well. Lots of people having fun, lots of smiles and dancing which was nice. Woke up yesterday, surprisingly hangover free, however everyone else seemed to be worse for the wear so I spent the first day of 2010 bored and on my own. By 6pm I was going stir crazy so decided to go for a walk with my camera as I’d been meaning to try and take some photos of the Christmas lights before they were taken down. Pretty much a lonely start to 2010 if I’m honest but I didn’t expect anything else.

I didn’t take as many photo’s as I would have liked because I always get nervous wandering Sunderland on my own with my camera in the dark. I’m a big wuss.


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