The Big Knit 2009…

I didn’t get as many hats as I wanted to do for The Big Knit but I did some (well 5) and that’s all that matters in the end. Since I’ve started knitting with some form of regularity I’ve noticed that compared to most I’m a really slow knitter. I’m wondering if speed is something that comes with experience or is this it. I used double pointed needles for the first time whilst knitting one of the hats as an experiment and although fiddly to do, makes the finished object look a lot more “professional” in my opinion. The pink hat shown below was my favourite.

My cat Lemmy.

Whilst on the same subject I stumbled across this video by a French band called Trichot Machine (which is knitting machine in French I do believe) on YouTube. It’s made entirely from knitted frames (I can make out around 718 at the end). I bet it took an absolute age to make.


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